Adrian Marquez



Adrian Marquez spent 16 years in the Marine Corps as a Reconnaissance Marine and Marine Special Operations as a Critical Skills Operator. During this time he served as a sniper, combatant diver, military free-fall jumper, Force Reconnaissance team leader, Senior Enlisted Advisor for SERE school, and Special Operations Team Chief. He has also had the opportunity to fulfill many other nontraditional roles under Special Operations Command. He has participated in large operations like Phantom Fury, as well as many irregular posts across Afghanistan as a Marine Raider.

Combat related injuries awarded him a purple heart and led him to transition careers. During his transition he felt the call to help others strive toward wellness through the field of counseling. He earned his Bachelors in Psychology at Campbell University and his Masters is in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University.

While working as a psychotherapist, Adrian recognized the need for creating a unique treatment approach for Veterans, Active Duty, and First Responders. This was what lead to the birth of the SHEEPDOG Program. A program uniquely tailored to Service Members, State and Federal law Enforcement, and First Responders. This program takes a dynamically different perspective on PTSD, Re-integration, Anxiety, substance use, and other disorders associated with these careers.

Identifying the obstacles faced by the mental health care professionals and within managed health care, Adrian decided to create the Sheepdog Program Corporation.

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